Phenomenology and Situated Action

L. Loren and E. Dietrich

Situated Action, the newest approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI), is in need of a coherent theoretical foundation both to support it and to unify its proponents. To that end, we believe that the work Merleau-Ponty wilt prove invaluable. In the past, Heideggcr’s work has been referred to from time to time in Situated Action literature. Hoxvever, we believe that Merleau-Ponty’s work is better suited to Situated Action, as it is heavily grounded in both biology and psychology. In addition, Mcrleau-Ponty broke with traditional Phenomenology for many of the sanae reasons that Situated Action researchers have broken with traditional AI. As a result, we believe that Merleau-Pontv’s work is demonstrably better suited for constructing a theoretical foundation for Situated Action.

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