Temporal Deduction in a Graphical Logic

L. E. Moser, P. M. Melliar-Smith, Y. S. Ramakrishna, G. Kutty & L. K. Dillon

Graphical Interval Logic is a modal logic for reasoning about time in which the basic modality is the interval. The logic differs from other logics in that it has a natural intuitive graphical representation that resembles the timing diagrams drawn by system designers. We have implemented an automated deduction system for Graphical Interval Logic that includes a graphical user interface and an automated theorem prover. The graphical user interface enables the user to create Graphical Interval Logic formulas and proofs on a workstation display, and the theorem prover checks the validity of deductions in the logic. In this paper we describe the logic, the automated deduction system, and an application to robotics.

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