Attribute-Value Formalization in the Framework of the Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO) and Categorization

Anca Pascu, Jean-Pierre Descles

There are three major formalisms that are developed around concepts. The first one is Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) by B. Ganter and R. Wille (Ganter and Wille 1999). The second formalism is Description Logic (DL) developped during the 1980s for knowledge representation (Baader 2003). The third is Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO) by J.-P. Descles originating in the 1980s in order to define and articulate notions as concepts and objects, to define and formalize a theory of typicality and an extended theory of quantification (Descles and Pascu 2006). LDO is a logic applied in natural language processing (NLP) and to the study of natural inferences in common reasoning. In all these formalisms, the notion of property is central. This article constitutes a contribution to an analysis of the notion of property. We present a formal theory of attribute-value in LDO in order to apply it in categorization and semantic annotations.

Subjects: 9. Foundational Issues; 9.3 Mathematical Foundations

Submitted: Feb 22, 2008

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