On Temporal Analysis of Timed Influence Nets Using Point Graphs

Sajjad Haider, Abbas K. Zaidi, and Alexander H. Levis, George Mason University

This paper demonstrates the use of Point Graphs (PG) and temporal logic for analyzing courses of action (COA) in a Timed Influence Net (TIN) that models a dynamic uncertain situation. The current practice in courses of action analysis looks at the impacts of actions on the likelihood of the desired effects over a period of time. The impact of time, however, is not studied explicitly. This paper presents an algorithm that generates a corresponding Point Graph for a Timed Influence Net. This graph-based knowledge representation and reasoning formalism is shown to help reveal temporal behavior of the modeled system. A temporal language is also shown to interact with the graphical representation. An analysis on the graph addresses user-defined ’ what-if’ scenarios for a better understanding of the temporal relationships between certain actions that may result in a desired effect at a particular time instant.

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